Collection: MRCOOL Line Guard

MRCOOL Line Guard is a product that protects your air conditioner's refrigerant lines from damage and corrosion. 
MR COOL Line Guard also helps you save energy and money by reducing heat loss and improving efficiency.

MRCOOL Line Guard is a product that helps you protect and conceal your mini-split line set. Here are some features and benefits of using MR COOL Line Guard:

- It is made of high-quality PVC material that is durable and weather-resistant.
- It has a snap-on design that makes installation easy and fast.
- It comes in different sizes and colors to match your mini-split system and your home's exterior.
- It can reduce the risk of line set damage from UV rays, animals, insects, or debris.
- It can improve the appearance and value of your home by hiding the unsightly line set.

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