Collection: MRCOOL Signature Modular Blower


If you are looking for a reliable and efficient modular blower for your heating and cooling system, look no further than the MRCOOL Signature Modular Blower. This versatile and powerful unit can be paired with a variety of heat kits and air conditioners to suit your specific needs and preferences. The MRCOOL Signature Modular Blower features a multi-speed motor that allows you to adjust the airflow and comfort level of your home. It also has a durable cabinet design that reduces noise and vibration, as well as a smart control board that monitors the system performance and protects it from damage. The MRCOOL Signature Modular Blower is easy to install and maintain and comes with a 10-year parts warranty for your peace of mind. Whether you need heating, cooling, or both, the MRCOOL Signature Modular Blower is the perfect choice for your home.

• Available in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-ton capacities.
• 10-Year Parts Limited