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MRCOOL 2.5 Ton 14.5 SEER Split System Air Handler

MRCOOL 2.5 Ton 14.5 SEER Split System Air Handler

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If you want to enjoy comfort and reliability in your home, you need the MRCOOL Multi-Position Air Handler. This amazing device has a permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor that ensures steady airflow all year round. No matter the season, you can relax and feel cozy with the MRCOOL Multi-Position Air Handler. Plus, this device is energy and time efficient, so you can save money and hassle. Don't settle for less than the best. Choose the MRCOOL Multi-Position Air Handler today!

Product Features

Are you looking for a versatile and durable air handler that can fit in tight spaces and provide optimal indoor air quality? Look no further than our new product, which features:

- A smaller profile for closet applications, so you can save space and install it easily.
- Optional auxiliary heat kits available, so you can customize your heating needs and enjoy consistent comfort.
- A baked polyester paint finished over galvanized steel for maximum durability, so you can trust your air handler to last for years.
- An antimicrobial treated drain pan to resist mold and mildew growth, so you can breathe easier and avoid health problems.
- A factory tested leakproof construction, so you can rest assured that your air handler is safe and efficient.
- A foil faced insulation for enhanced indoor air quality, so you can reduce noise and prevent heat loss.
- A CoolGuard total corrosion protection technology designed coil, so you can protect your air handler from rust and corrosion.
- A built-in indoor time delay for increased efficiency and comfort, so you can save energy and money on your bills.
- A one piece design, so you can simplify maintenance and reduce potential problems.
- High-strength/heat resistant/corrosion resistance SMC drain pans, so you can prevent water damage and leakage.
- A multi-position installation option, so you can choose between upflow, horizontal left or right depending on your space and preference.

Don't miss this opportunity to get the best air handler on the market. Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of our innovative technology and superior performance.

Product Specifications

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient air conditioner for your home or office, you should consider the SEER 14.5 CFM 1000 TONNAGE 2 1/2 COOLING CAPACITY 30000 VOLTAGE 208/230 PHASE 1 CYCLE 60 MAX FUSE BREAKER 15 MIN CIRCUIT AMPACITY 5 air conditioner. This unit has a sleek and modern design with a gray color that blends well with any decor. It can cool up to 1250 square feet of space with its powerful R-410A refrigerant and three-speed blower motor. It also has a PSC blower motor type that is durable and energy-efficient. The unit comes with a replacement filter that is easy to change and a line set that can be customized to your needs. You can choose from 15ft, 25ft, 35ft, or 50ft line set lengths with sweat fitting type. The unit also has a liquid line size of 3/8 and a suction line size of 3/4. The unit does not have an inverter or an auxiliary heater included, but you can purchase them separately if you need them. The unit is compatible with auxiliary heater sizes of 7.5kw, 10kw, and 15kw. The unit is ETL listed and AHRI certified for quality and performance. It also has a registered warranty of 10 years for parts and a base warranty of 5 years for parts. The unit contains electronics, chemicals, aerosol, compressed gas, and propellant that may be harmful if mishandled. It also has a proposition 65 warning that states that the product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read the instructions carefully before installing or using the unit. The unit has a net depth of 16.5 inches, a net height of 47 inches, a net width of 18.5 inches, and a net weight of 133 pounds. The gross depth is 27 inches, the gross height is 50.5 inches, the gross width is 22.8 inches, and the gross weight is not available. If you want to enjoy a comfortable and cool environment in your home or office, order the SEER 14.5 CFM 1000 TONNAGE 2 1/2 COOLING CAPACITY 30000 VOLTAGE 208/230 PHASE 1 CYCLE 60 MAX FUSE BREAKER 15 MIN CIRCUIT AMPACITY 5 air conditioner today!

Product Warranty

Proposition 65 California Only

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