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MRCOOL 3 Ton 14 SEER Packaged Heat Pump

MRCOOL 3 Ton 14 SEER Packaged Heat Pump

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MRCOOL 3 Ton 36,000 BTU Packaged Heat Pump

If you are looking for a versatile and reliable solution for your home or business cooling and heating needs, look no further than a MRCOOL packaged heat pump.

This amazing system offers both high-performance cooling and powerful heating in one easy-to-install unit. You will enjoy 14 SEER efficiency and save money on your energy bills. A MRCOOL packaged heat pump can handle any air comfort challenge, whether you live in a suburban house, a commercial office, a condo, or a beach house.

You will also appreciate the superior quality, quiet operation, and eco-friendly features of a MRCOOL packaged heat pump. It comes with a high-performance compressor and uses R-410A refrigerant, which is chlorine-free and safe for the environment.

A MRCOOL packaged heat pump is the ultimate all-in-one system for your air comfort and peace of mind.

Product Features

This heat pump is designed to provide you with reliable and efficient heating and cooling for your home. It has a 14 SEER efficiency rating and uses R-410A environmentally friendly refrigerant. It also has several features that make it easy and convenient to install and operate, such as:

- A warranty of 10 years on all parts if registered, or 5 years if not. No licensed technician is required for installation or maintenance.
- A one-piece "no leak" top design that prevents water from entering the unit and damaging the components.
- A sloped drain pan that improves indoor air quality by reducing the risk of mold and bacteria growth.
- A louvered panel coil protection that protects the coil from debris and damage.
- An insulation layer that minimizes heat loss and reduces sound levels.
- A built-in short-cycle protection that protects the compressor from damage caused by frequent cycling.
- An optional electric heat kit that can be added for additional heating capacity.
- A built-in "quiet shift" operation that reduces noise during defrost cycles on select models.
- An efficient constant torque motor that adjusts to different airflow conditions and saves energy.

To install this heat pump, please follow the steps in the installation manual carefully. You will need some tools and materials, such as a brazing torch, a vacuum pump, a refrigerant gauge set, a filter dryer, a thermostat, and electrical wiring. You will also need to follow the local codes and regulations regarding electrical and refrigerant connections. The installation manual will guide you through the following steps:

- Disconnecting the old indoor and outdoor units
- Moving the new outdoor unit into place
- Laying the new drain pan
- Flushing the coolant lines
- Connecting the thermostat wiring
- Connecting the power supply
- Installing the filter dryer and brazing the high-pressure line
- Evacuating and charging the system
- Testing and adjusting the system

Please read the installation manual thoroughly before starting the installation. If you have any questions or problems, please contact your dealer or distributor for assistance. Thank you for choosing this heat pump for your home comfort needs.

Product Specifications

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient packaged heat pump system for your home or business, you might want to consider the MRCOOL Signature Heat Pump Package Residential 3-Ton 34000-BTU 14-Seer Horizontal Central Air Conditioner In Gray | XPH361M414A. This unit has many features and benefits that make it a great choice for your heating and cooling needs.

Some of the features and benefits of this unit are:

- It has a SEER rating of 14 and an EER rating of 11, which means it can save you money on your energy bills compared to less efficient units.
- It has a COP of 3.5 at 47°F and an HSPF rating of 8, which means it can provide effective heating performance even in cold weather.
- It has a cooling capacity of 34000 BTU and a heating capacity of 32400 BTU, which means it can handle a maximum coverage area of 1500 square feet.
- It operates on 208/230 volts, single phase, 60 Hz power supply and has a maximum fuse breaker of 35 amps and a minimum circuit ampacity of 23.4 amps.
- It has a single stage scroll compressor motor type that is durable and quiet, and an ECM condenser fan motor type that is energy efficient and variable speed.
- It has a multi-speed ECM blower motor type that can adjust the airflow according to your comfort needs, and a TXV metering device that can regulate the refrigerant flow for optimal performance.
- It has a replaceable filter type that can improve the indoor air quality and reduce maintenance costs, and a filter size of 14x20x1 inches.
- It has a gray color and color family that can blend in with your outdoor environment, and a rated load of 14.7 amps.
- It uses R-410A refrigerant type that is environmentally friendly and has a refrigerant volume of 90 ounces.
- It has a decibel rating of 76 dB, which means it is not very noisy compared to other units.
- It has a minimum ambient heat of 0°F, which means it can operate in very low temperatures without freezing up.
- It does not include an auxiliary heater, but it has an auxiliary heater available option that can provide additional heating when needed. The auxiliary heater sizes are 5kw, 7.5kw, and 10kw.
- It is not UL recognized, UL listed, ETL certified, LEED certified, ASHRAE compliant, Energy Star compliant, or Energy Star certified, but it is ETL listed and AHRI certified, which means it meets the safety and performance standards of these organizations.
- It has a registered warranty of 10 years on all parts if registered online within 60 days of installation, or a base warranty of 5 years if not registered (no licensed technician required).
- It contains batteries, electronics, chemicals, aerosol, compressed gas, and proposition 65 warning substances that may require special handling or disposal.
- It does not have any restricted states for shipping or installation.
- It has a net depth of 47.66 inches, a net height of 40.89 inches, a net width of 47.66 inches, and a net weight of 340 pounds.
- It has a gross depth of 48 inches, a gross height of 42.5 inches, a gross width of 48.75 inches, and a freight class of 125.

With all these features and benefits, the MRCOOL Signature Heat Pump Package Residential 3-Ton 34000-BTU 14-Seer Horizontal Central Air Conditioner In Gray | XPH361M414A is a packaged heat pump system that can provide you with reliable and efficient heating and cooling for your home or business. You can find more information about this unit on its product page or by contacting its provider.

Product Warranty

Proposition 65 California Only

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