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48K MRCOOL® Hyper Heat Central Ducted Air Handler

48K MRCOOL® Hyper Heat Central Ducted Air Handler

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48K MRCOOL® Hyper Heat Central Ducted Air Handler

The 48K MRCOOL® Hyper Heat Central Ducted Air Handler is a high-efficiency and versatile system that can provide year-round comfort for your home or business. This air handler features a variable-speed fan motor that adjusts the airflow to match the heating or cooling demand, resulting in optimal performance and energy savings. The air handler also has a built-in dehumidification function that helps to maintain a comfortable indoor humidity level. The 48K MRCOOL® Hyper Heat Central Ducted Air Handler is compatible with various MRCOOL® heat pumps and can be installed in horizontal or vertical configurations. It comes with a 10-year parts warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty, ensuring peace of mind and long-lasting satisfaction.

The Hyper Heat technology is a special feature that allows the system to operate at low outdoor temperatures, delivering reliable and consistent heat even when the weather is frigid. Unlike conventional heat pumps that lose efficiency and output as the temperature drops, the Hyper Heat technology uses an advanced inverter compressor that can modulate its speed and power according to the heating load. This way, the system can maintain a stable indoor temperature without wasting energy or compromising comfort. The Hyper Heat technology also reduces the need for auxiliary heating sources, such as electric heaters, which can increase your utility bills and carbon footprint. With the Hyper Heat technology, you can enjoy cozy and efficient heating all winter long.

- Enjoy up to 15.6 SEER2 of energy-efficient cooling performance with this Central Ducted Air Handler.
- No matter where you live, this unit can handle it. It is designed to work with high static pressure for mobile homes and other applications.
- Install it in any position that suits your space. This unit can operate in upflow, downflow or horizontal modes without compromising performance.
- Control your comfort with ease. This unit comes with a wired thermostat that lets you adjust the temperature, fan speed, mode and more with just a touch.
- Rest assured with a 10-year warranty on parts, labor and compressor. This unit is built to last and backed by our commitment to quality and service.

- This product is a high-efficiency air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 47000 BTU and a heating capacity of 50000 BTU.
- It operates on a single-phase 208/230V power supply with a maximum fuse breaker of 15A and a minimum circuit ampacity of 7.5A.
- It uses R410A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and energy efficient, but may cause cancer or reproductive harm if exposed. Proposition 65 warning applies.
- It has a low noise level of 47 dB, which can be reduced to 43.5 dB or increased to 50 dB by adjusting the fan speed. It has four fan speeds to choose from.
- It features a DC inverter technology that modulates the compressor speed and reduces power consumption and temperature fluctuations.
- It can be installed with a maximum lineset length of 213.25 feet, with a liquid line size of 3/8 inch and a suction line size of 3/4 inch.
- It does not include an auxiliary heater, but it can be purchased separately. It supports auxiliary heater sizes of 8kW, 10kW, 15kW, and 20kW.
- It is AHRI certified and comes with a 10-year warranty for parts and labor.
- It has a compact design with a net dimension of 21.02 x 21.02 x 49.02 inches and a net weight of 132.50 pounds. The gross dimension is 24.41 x 26.57 x 52.56 inches and the gross weight is 156.75 pounds.

  • Thermostat Included - Just A Touch Away. The included wired thermostat has a variety of options to keep your home the temperature you want it to be.
  • 10-year Warranty on Parts, Labor, and Compressor

Product Features

Regardless of external weather conditions, the 48K MRCOOL® Hyper Heat Central Ducted Air Handler is an exceptional choice for your home's heating and cooling needs. Its efficiency results in utility expense savings, and it boasts an impressive SEER2 rating of up to 15.6 and an HSPF2-4 rating of up to 9.4 due to its superior heating capacity. Constructed with painted galvanized steel, the high quality unit features a side-discharge design, slide-out blower, self-diagnostics panel, and removable filters for easy maintenance. An HVAC technician can effortlessly install the unit, which is designed to work with the optional MRCOOL® No-Vac® Quick Connect® Line Set. This line set comes pre-charged with eco-friendly R410-A refrigerant, eliminating the need for vacuuming or flare welding and providing kink resistance. It allows for flexible installation options as it can be configured in various ways. Additionally, a wired thermostat, wireless remote, and an optional heat kit are available if needed. Should any operational concerns arise, the air handler is backed by a reassuring 10-year warranty for parts and labor, giving you peace of mind. Moreover, there's no need to register for the included labor warranty.

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