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MRCOOl 95% AFUE 4 Ton 90,000 BTU Multi-Position Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

MRCOOl 95% AFUE 4 Ton 90,000 BTU Multi-Position Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

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Winter can be harsh on your wallet when you get a huge gas bill for heating your home. You don't have to suffer through the cold season with a furnace that burns up your money.

You need a smart, powerful, energy-saving heater like the MRCOOL 95% AFUE multi-positional gas furnace. This furnace is different from other models because it uses almost all of the fuel it consumes to generate heat.

That means you get more value for your money and less waste. Depending on how cold it gets where you live, you could save hundreds of dollars.

So don't let winter get you down. Choose the MRCOOL furnace for reliable, efficient, and high-quality heating. It also comes with a 20-year Heat Exchanger Warranty and a 10-Year Registered Parts Warranty.

Product Features

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient furnace for your home, you might want to consider our multi-speed high efficiency model. This furnace features a constant torque blower motor that delivers consistent airflow and even temperatures throughout your house. It also uses up to 1/3 less energy than a fixed-speed blower, saving you money on your utility bills.

This furnace is easy to install and maintain, thanks to its standardized widths that fit any coil, its removable slide out blower design, and its left or right utility connections. It also has self diagnostics that save the last 10 fault codes in case of a power interruption, making troubleshooting easier.

This furnace is built to last, with aluminized steel inshot burners for smooth ignition, a 10 year registered parts warranty, and a 20 year heat exchanger warranty. It also complies with California's South Coast Air Quality standards and has an optional LP kit for propane users.

With this furnace, you can enjoy comfort and peace of mind all year round.

Product Specifications

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient furnace for your home, you might want to consider the MRCOOL MGM95SE090C4XA model. This furnace has an AFUE rating of 95%, which means it converts 95% of the fuel it uses into heat for your home. It has a CFM of 1560, which is the amount of air that flows through the furnace per minute. The tonnage of this furnace is 4, which means it can cool or heat a large area of up to 2400 square feet. The heating capacity of this furnace is 88,000 BTU, which is the amount of heat it can produce per hour. The fuel type of this furnace is natural gas, which is a clean and economical source of energy.

The MRCOOL MGM95SE090C4XA furnace has many features that make it easy to install and operate. It has a BTU input of 88,000 and a BTU output of 85,000, which means it has a high efficiency and performance. It has a voltage of 120, a phase of 1, and a cycle of 60, which are the standard electrical specifications for most homes. It has a single stage operation, which means it runs at full capacity whenever it is on. It has a max fuse breaker of 15 and a min circuit ampacity of 8.4, which are the safety measures to prevent overloading or short-circuiting. It has a gray color and belongs to the gray color family, which makes it blend in with any decor.

The MRCOOL MGM95SE090C4XA furnace also has many features that make it durable and safe. It has eight burners that are made of stainless steel and can withstand high temperatures and corrosion. It has a gas connection size of 0.5 inch, which is the standard size for most gas lines. It has an ECM blower motor type, which is an energy-efficient and quiet motor that can adjust its speed according to the heating or cooling demand. It has a blower motor HP of 3/4 and a blower motor RPM of 895-1560, which are the power and speed ratings of the motor. It has a heat exchanger type that consists of an aluminized steel primary and an AL 29-4C stainless steel secondary, which are both resistant to rust and cracks. It has an ignition type that uses a silicon nitride ignitor, which is a durable and reliable device that ignites the gas without using a pilot light. It has a vent connector of 2 inch, which is the diameter of the pipe that connects the furnace to the outside.

The MRCOOL MGM95SE090C4XA furnace comes with many certifications and warranties that guarantee its quality and performance. It does not have an LP kit included, but it has an LP kit available if you want to convert it to use propane gas instead of natural gas. It is CSA certified, which means it meets the Canadian standards for safety and performance. It is not ISO certified, but it follows the international standards for quality management and customer satisfaction. It is not Energy Star compliant or certified, but it still saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to older models. It is AHRI certified, which means it meets the industry standards for efficiency and capacity ratings. It has a registered warranty of 10 years for parts and 20 years for heat exchanger, which means you can get free repairs or replacements if anything goes wrong within those periods.

The MRCOOL MGM95SE090C4XA furnace does not have batteries, but it does contain electronics that control its functions and settings. It does not contain chemicals, aerosol, or compressed gas that could be harmful to your health or the environment. However, it does have a Proposition 65 warning, which means it contains substances that are known to cause cancer or birth defects in California. This warning does not mean that the product is unsafe to use, but it is required by law to inform you of the potential risk. The product is not restricted in any states, so you can buy and use it anywhere in the US.

The MRCOOL MGM95SE090C4XA furnace has dimensions and weights that make it easy to transport and install. It has a net depth of 28 1/2 inch, a net height of 33 inch, a net width of 21 inch, and a net weight of 158 lbs., which are its actual measurements without any packaging or accessories. It has a gross depth of 32.5 inch, a gross height of 35 inch, a gross width of 27.5 inch, and a gross weight of 158 lbs., which are its measurements with packaging or accessories included.

Product Warranty

Proposition 65 California Only

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