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MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen Multi-Zone 2-Zone 18000 BTU 230 volt Condenser

MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen Multi-Zone 2-Zone 18000 BTU 230 volt Condenser

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The 4th Generation MRCOOL® DIY 18K BTU 2-Zone Ductless Heat Pump Condenser is the latest in heat pump technology. This 2-zone condenser, when paired with select MrCool air handlers, is capable of producing an impressive 21 SEER efficiency rating. It also can heat even when temperatures drop to -13°F. It features robust construction which includes a Gold Fin Condenser coating, so it is sure to withstand exposure to the elements.

For added peace of mind, this is the only condenser on the market that comes with a limited lifetime compressor warranty. As a Mr Cool DIY product, this heat pump is designed specifically to be used with MrCool’s patented Pre-Charged Quick Connect Line Sets. These line sets come pre-charged with the precise amount of R-410A refrigerant. They are also equipped with quick connectors, so the line set can be connected to the condenser by the homeowner using only wrenches.

This means the installation process can be performed without retaining the services of a certified technician. Let the 4th Generation Mr Cool DIY 18K BTU 2-Zone Ductless Heat Pump Condenser be the solution to your home’s heating and cooling needs.

  • Up to 21 SEER
  • Gold Fin® condenser: corrosion resistant - live on the coast? Don`t worry, our condenser is built to resist long term corrosion.
  • Energy-Efficient DC Inverter
  • R-410A environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Standard 7-year compressor/5-year parts warranty; register for limited lifetime compressor warranty.

Product Features

If you are looking for a reliable and energy-efficient air conditioner, you might want to consider our product. It has a high SEER rating of up to 21, which means it can cool your home with less electricity consumption. It also features a Gold Fin® condenser that is specially designed to resist corrosion from salt air and other environmental factors. This makes it ideal for coastal areas or humid climates. Moreover, our air conditioner uses a DC inverter technology that adjusts the compressor speed according to the cooling demand, resulting in lower noise and longer lifespan. And to top it all off, our air conditioner uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant called R-410A, which does not harm the ozone layer. You can also enjoy a standard 7-year compressor/5-year parts warranty when you purchase our product, or register online for a limited lifetime compressor warranty. Don't miss this opportunity to get a high-quality and cost-effective air conditioner for your home.

Product Specifications

If you are looking for a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-install ductless heat pump system, look no further than the 4th Generation MRCOOL® DIY 18K BTU 2-Zone Ductless Heat Pump Condenser. This unit offers a SEER rating of 21, an EER rating of 12.5, and an HSPF rating of 10.6/8.6 for hspf4/hspf5, making it one of the most energy-efficient systems on the market. It also has a cooling capacity of 18000 BTU and a heating capacity of 19000 BTU, ensuring optimal comfort in any season. The condenser operates on 208-230 V, 1 phase, 60 Hz power supply, and requires a maximum fuse breaker of 25 A and a minimum circuit ampacity of 18 A. The unit has a sleek white design that blends in with any decor, and can support up to two indoor zones with different temperature settings. The condenser uses R-410A refrigerant, which is environmentally friendly and safe for the ozone layer. The refrigerant volume is 65.26 oz, and the maximum lineset length is 98.42 ft total. The liquid line size is 1/4in and the suction line size is 3/8in. The condenser features a twin-rotary compressor motor type that provides smooth and quiet operation, as well as a variable-speed condenser fan motor that adjusts to the cooling or heating demand. The fan motor has three speeds: 750/600/500 RPM. The unit also has a low decibel rating of 59 dBA, making it suitable for noise-sensitive areas. The condenser is equipped with an inverter technology that modulates the compressor speed according to the load, resulting in lower energy consumption and better temperature control. The unit can operate in a wide range of ambient temperatures, from 5F to 122F for cooling and from -13F to 75.2F for heating. The condenser is also compatible with WiFi and can be controlled via an app on your iOS or Android device. You can monitor and adjust the settings, schedule the operation, and troubleshoot any issues remotely. The unit comes with a generous warranty package that includes a limited lifetime warranty for the compressor and a 5-year warranty for the parts when registered online. The base warranty is 5-year parts/7-year compressor without registration. The unit contains electronics, chemicals, aerosol, and compressed gas, and has a Proposition 65 warning label. Please read the manual carefully before installation and use. The net dimensions of the condenser are 13.46 in x 26.50 in x 35.04 in (D x H x W), and the net weight is 100.53 lbs. The gross dimensions are 17.64 in x 29.33 in x 40.94 in (D x H x W), and the gross weight is 111.11 lbs.

Product Warranty

Proposition 65 California Only

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